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        The company was formally established, the same year, our company's MB series water-cooled: xenon arc light fastness tester won the Nanan science and Technology Bureau of Technology Innovation Award.


        The company constructed 5000 square meters standard factory buildings in Quanzhou National University Science Park, and set up the company's first sales office in Zhejiang.
        Our company accessed to national patents with the first domestic sunshine tube automatic calibration technology, and patent number is ZL201120797927.8.


        Our company and the Fujian Provincial Fiber Inspection Bureau jointly undertook the development of AQSIQ instrument project: elastic comprehensive testing machine of textile compression which is applying for national utility model patents, and patent number is ZL201310078092.0.


        Our company and Jia Xing City Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute jointly developed textile thermal storage and themal performance projects which the national invention patent number is ZL201420148430.3. 


        Our company won the national science and technology SME technology innovation fund, and received 1.2 million RMB subsidy. At the same time, he company passed the ISO9000 quality management system.


        Our company customized three projects which are lighting aging test system, dynamic impact test system and hot and humid aging test system for the aviation military enterprises. The same year, Dongguan branch set up.


        Our company glasses test instruments officially listed.