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        MEBON's idea:
        Integrity, pragmatic, quality and technology.

        MEBON's spirit:
        Unity, innovation, cooperation and win-win situation.

        MEBON's values:
        Technology leads market.

        MEBON's code of conduct:
        Good professional ethics, rigorous work style, civilized behavior and harmonious interpersonal relationships.

        MEBON's staff's basic quality requirements:
        Loving post and dedicated, unity and cooperation; honest and self-discipline, continuous innovation. 

        MEBON's quality management:

        Quality first-Quality creates brand.

        Always by reviewing business opportunities and meeting the challenges with extraordinary vision, MEBON continues to improve the core competitiveness of the industry and at the same time, steps down to earth and stands firmly at every step.
        Listen to customers' feedback timely. Take and adhere to the business belief of “quality creates brand”, understand customers' needs, and take the adoption of the rationalization of the proposal. Provide the latest products and technologies as well as a comprehensive personalized service for the domestic and foreign customers.