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        Since MEBON from May 7, 2010 to set up, whether members or products of MEBON, adapt to the times in the process of growth and development. For new members, we will be training, to bring you more professional service; for new products, we will be strict inspection of aging debugging, until the product can accurately test the stability, we will be shipped to the customer. Therefore, we have ushered in a series of new products in addition to textile and garment bags outside the testing equipment, testing instruments, glasses nonwovens inspection equipment, and for the old products, constantly eliminated, transformation and innovation, bring more comprehensive, more professional products for everyone.

        The "integrity, pragmatic, quality and technology" business philosophy, has been throughout the development of MEBON. Who does not stand, no letter, no letter in business, both for the individual and the enterprise, with sincerity, to the letter of friends, seeking truth from facts, sense of doing business, in order to gain a foothold in the world, in the community can settle down. We insist on doing their job, do not slander others, insist on doing their own product, do not steal others' technology, strive to expand the scale of production, and in 2015 in Guangdong Dongguan set up a branch, to bring you better service.

        In 2012, our company and the Fujian Province Fiber Inspection Bureau jointly undertook the development of AQSIQ instrument project-elastic comprehensive testing machine of textile compression. In 2013 Our company and Jia Xing City Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute jointly developed textile thermal storage and themal performance projects. By 2015, Our company customized three projects which are lighting aging test system, dynamic impact test system and hot and humid aging test system for the aviation military enterprises, always challenging yourself and breaking through yourself. In this world, with countless changes to break the tradition, and break the routine, in order not to be eliminated, and only continue to try to establish the concept of innovation, in order to bring something new to the infinite world, forming an eternal innovation, eternal pursuit.

        With MEBON’s increasing production capacity, enhance R & D strength, "cooperation and win-win situation" has become MEBON unremitting struggle, MEBON cited that the lofty goal of ho. Cooperation is the premise of win-win, win-win is the inevitable result of cooperation, we are in pursuit of 1+1>2, only the mutual benefit and common development. We sincerely invite you to cooperate with us if you have common goals, let us let each person do his best, help each other, work together to create each one takes what he needs, which belongs to our success and value.

        No matter now or in the future, we will insist on the innovative spirit of perseverance, honesty, sincere service to improve occupation moral enthusiasm, excellent quality products to meet the growing needs of customers!

        Finally, thanks to the support of the new and old customers for these years, we will use the timely and effective after-sales and the most accurate and reliable products to continue to serve you.

        General manager: Peng Rui