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        The Sales Department of Tian Grilla trip

        2017-07-18 08:25:35

        In the trees, Higurashi blowing season, our performance is full of passion with the arrival of summer, climbed to a peak of sales performance in June over the completion of the task, the company received the honor of outstanding team. Although the scorching sun, but the sales guys still filled with joy came to Quanzhou Tian Grilla ecological park, visit the agricultural greenhouses, fish to pick melons, vegetables tea, spent a wonderful weekend.
        Entry is the small bridge that meets the eye. Modern agricultural science and technology in here, surrounded by flowers, fleshy basin, full of natural breath, everywhere is a bright and colorful. Even the fish is colorful, living a carefree and content play with each other. There are not only melons and fruits shed for tourists to pick up, but also autotrophic chickens and ducks to allow visitors to buy, but also a range of ornamental animals can enjoy.
        In the better and better tomorrow, I wish our company sales performance booming!