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        MB029E xenon arc light fastness tester

        Applicable scope
        Test principles and standards
        Instrument characteristics
        Configuration list
        Our independently designed and developed test system of stress and strain characteristics of special textile materials in hygrothermal environment is used to simulate the physical characteristics and the change process of the sample under the natural environment such as temperature and humidity change, so as to provide reliable date support for the special textile material manufacturers, promote the development of the product and improve the quality of the products.
        1. The transmission mechanism adopts imported ball screw group, synchronous belt, synchronous wheel and AC servo system. Stable and accurate operation with little noise.
        2. The surface of the instrument is sprayed with high temperature and cured for long time without fading.
        3. Imported high-precision force sensor, high speed precision 24 bits A/D, instrument sampling frequency is 1000HZ.
        4. Using 32 bit Cortex-M3 microprocessor, the operation is strong, the data processing speed is fast, the instrument response is sensitive, and the operation is stable and reliable.
        5. Full computer professional software manipulation, software system: simple operation, easy to understand, powerful.
        6. Full computer professional software manipulation, software system: simple operation, easy to understand, powerful.
        7. Long time testing can be done 1000 hours a time, quality assurance lamp life.
        8. By controlling the irradiation energy of xenon lamp, the changes of physical properties after aging of the tested materials were measured during aging.
        9. All the fixtures can be customized according to customer requirements, the standard fixture has rope, fabric etc.
        10. Test the creep properties of the specimen during the aging process, and simulate the performance changes of the load sample under natural conditions.
        11. The instrument integrates material testing machine and high and low temperature wet heat test box function, and simulate the physical characteristics and change process of the special spinning material under the high humidity environment. It can run independently, such as high and low humidity test of material, testing function of material testing machine.