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        MB024G automatic dispenser

        Applicable scope
        Test principles and standards
        Instrument characteristics
        Configuration list
        1. It is used for automatic liquid extraction in various kinds of chemical experiments of textiles, and can be used on one machine to realize quantitative adding of liquid. Automatic manual conversion of manual fluid can be carried out.
        2. The four channel independent control realizes the fluid adding, the efficiency is high, and the humanization is more.
        3. The instrument is simple in structure and easy to operate. Automatic positioning, intelligent selection of liquid.
        4. 1~24 beaker can be put in one time, and the liquid can be recycled to save the amount of labor and improve the efficiency.
        5. Step motor control peristaltic pump adding fluid, no pollution.
        6. Color touch screen control, operation intuitionistic and simple.
        7. The LPC1754 microprocessor has the highest speed of up to 120MHZ, and has the highest 512KB flash memory, the highest 64KB SRAM, the 12 bit A/D converter, the 10 bit D/A converter and the internal RC oscillator. Low power consumption and high cost benefit.
        8. The peristaltic pump consists of three parts: the drive, the pump head and the hose. The fluid was isolated in pump, quick change pump, fluid may be retrograde, can do the operation, low maintenance cost, etc. constitute the main competitive advantage of peristaltic pump.