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        MB068-II automatic cloth machine

        Applicable scope
        Test principles and standards
        Instrument characteristics
        Configuration list
        Laboratory textiles and clothing, rubber, plastic, leather, toys, paper testing and sample preparation field, can be prepared for physical properties, chemical projects and other testing required samples.
        1. The two working modes are suitable for different sample preparation.
        2. The two cylinders of gas and oil are combined with pressure, and the work is quiet and no noise.
        3. Multiple security protection: hands button switch; infrared induction; tool mode installation status hint; lower template installation status hint; screen soft switch.
        4. It can be separately connected to air compressor, and also can be connected with a centralized gas supply device.
        5. The pressure speed and time can be adjusted to meet the needs of different samples.
        6. With DM series knife die, samples of different sizes and sizes can be prepared.
        7. Special cleaning air gun to prevent cross contamination of samples.
        8. The initial angle and angle of rotation can be set.