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        YG033E intelligent digital tear tester

        Applicable scope
        Test principles and standards
        Instrument characteristics
        Configuration list
        It is used to measure the tear strength of fabric, paper, plastic cloth, film, electrician, metal sheet and so on.
        Textiles: GB/T 3917.1, the tear property of textile fabric first parts. The determination of tear strength of impact pendulum method is ASTM D1424, DIN 53862, EN ISO 13937-1, ISO 4674-2, ISO 9290, M&S P29NEXT 17, NF NF.
        Paper: GB/T 455、APPITA P 400、ASTM D 689、BS 4468、CSA D9、DIN 53128、EN 21974、ISO 1974、JIS P 8116、PAPTAC D9、SCAN P11、TAPPI T414、UNI 6444
        Plastic:GB/T 11999、ASTM D1922、ISO 6383-2、JIS K 7128-2、NF T54 141
        Non-woven fabric: ASTM D5734、WSP 100.1
        1. The advanced calculation method (potential energy method) ensures accurate testing and good repeatability.
        2. Micro control system, automatic test, calculation, analysis results, print test report, upload test data.
        3. The touch screen control panel, the clear image interface provides a more convenient and quick operation for the tester.
        4. All data and statistical results can be freely checked in the host.
        5. Test units can be selected and automatically converted between N, GF, cN and cP to meet the requirements of different standards.
        6. The pneumatic specimen is clamped and the pendulum is released to ensure that the clamping force is consistent and the operation strength can be reduced.
        7. Cut the sample automatically to ensure that the shape of the cut is consistent and the operation strength can be reduced.
        8. The user interface is provided in a variety of languages, including Chinese and English.
        9. The friction damping of the pendulum is automatically modified to improve the measurement accuracy.