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        MB3000W water-cooled xenon arc light fastness tester

        Applicable scope
        Test principles and standards
        Instrument characteristics
        Configuration list
        Used for simulation of light fastness, light fastness and light aging of light perspiration of tubber, plastic, paint, petrochemical, automobile, textile and other industries products and materials, by simulating the light, rain, spray, light and shade, temperature and humidity and other climatic conditions, fading, aging, retreat, transmittance, peeling, hard, softening and other performance changes of material products can be determined.
        Textile: GB/T 8430 GB/T 12831 GB/T 14576 GB/T 8427 GB/T 1189 GB/T 9344 GB 150.7 GB/T 16422.1 GB/T 1865 GB/T 2423.24
        Wood-based panel: AATCC TM16 ASTM G26 ASTM D2565 ASTM D4459 ASTM D6695 ASTM G155 SAE J1885 SAE
        Car interior: ISO 105 ASE J1885KJ ISO 11341 ISO 4892 ISO 03917 ISO 11341 ISO 4892-2
        Leather: PV 1303 PV 3929 PV 3930 DVM 0067- MA HES D6601 NES M0135 TSL 0601G 1431
        1, The national innovation fund was established in 2014, and the national innovation award was awarded.
        2, The 6KW water cooled long xenon lamp, high efficiency power and light conversion technology, and high transmission rate filter system, the same irradiation energy xenon lamp power is lower, so that the machine truly achieve energy saving and environmental protection.
        3, Marking 420nm band monitoring, irradiance digital setting, real-time monitoring, closed loop automatic regulation, can be selected 340nm, 300-400nm, 280-800nm band.
        4, Irradiance is guided by optical fiber technology, 16 bit AD sampling, 32 bit ARM processing, digital setting, DC stepless adjustment of xenon lamp, fully realized closed loop and stable automatic compensation.
        5, The use of standard lamp correction patent technology can completely eliminate the attenuation of aging due to the long term test, and the patent number is ZL201120297927.8.
        6, The blackboard thermometer (BPT) and the standard blackboard thermometer (BST) are tested with the same working place (equidistant), which truly reflects the condition of the sample. The temperature collection is transmitted by radio frequency technology to reduce the instability caused by mechanical wear.
        7, Intelligent circulation control system, ultrasonic and PTC double humidification, circulating wind speed servo motor control, so that the temperature, humidity and blackboard temperature in the test chamber can be closed loop control, to ensure that the test parameters are stable for a long time.
        8, The cooling water is mixed with the internal circulation and high energy efficiency heat exchange system, and the water consumption is saved to a higher degree.
        9, Super large experimental warehouse design, large size drum type specimen hanger, exposure area of 2660cm2.
        10, 10.4 inch color touch-screen display manipulation, Chinese and English operation interface, various test monitoring modes (animations, figures, curves), multi-stage operation mode programming, support online programming, no need to stop, easy to operate, intuitive and clear.
        11, All the sample clips can be time tested separately, and can carry out the same machine test on different samples, which is convenient for testing and monitoring, reducing operation cost, and running time and timing can be outage protection, to prevent accidental power failure.
        12. Cooling water is combined with tap water and circulating wastewater to save water loss and reduce operation cost.