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        YG606G textile thermal zand moisture resistance tester

        Applicable scope
        Test principles and standards
        Instrument characteristics
        Configuration list
        YG606G thermal resistance moisture resistance tester is the most professional and advanced thermal resistance moisture resistance testing product at present. It has fully simulated heating plate of human skin mechanism, and it is not moldy and easy to clean. Equipped with an original automatic water supply system, without any adjustment, the water supply can be guaranteed to be stable and without leakage. The design is independent and integrated. The test host is completely separated from the environmental experiment box. Users can use the self purchase environmental test box, which is convenient for maintenance, calibration and user burden reduction.  The air duct structure can simply remove the external air cover can meet the test standard, no static wind.
          Thermal resistance (Rct): The ratio of the temperature difference between the two sides of the sample and the heat flow per unit area perpendicular to the sample. The dry heat flow may be transmitted in one or more forms in conduction, convection and radiation. The thermal resistance of Rct to Kelvin square meters per watt (m2·K/W) as a unit, it said in a stable textile temperature gradient conditions, through the provision of hot flow area. The thermal resistance is measured on the electrothermal test plate, and the heat retaining ring (protective plate) around the test plate and its bottom and the bottom can be kept at the same constant temperature, so that the heat of the electrothermal test plate can only be dissipated through the specimen, and the humid air can flow parallel to the upper surface of the sample. After the test conditions reached steady state, the thermal resistance of the sample was calculated by measuring the heat flow of the sample. By subtracting the thermal resistance of the surface air layer from the test instrument, the thermal resistance value of the material measured by the instrument is worth Rct by reducing the thermal resistance value of the test sample and the air layer.
          Wet resistance (Ret): the ratio of the steam pressure difference between the two sides of the sample and the steam heating flow vertically through the unit area of the sample. The heat flux of evaporation may be transmitted in one or more forms of diffusion and convection. Wet resistance in square meters per watt Pascal Rct (M - Pa/W) as a unit, it said the textile products in the water vapor pressure gradient under the steady flow of a certain area of heat by evaporation. The measurement of moisture resistance needs to be covered by porous and electroless test plate, but not permeable. The evaporated water enters the electric heating plate and passes through the thin film in the form of water vapor, so there is no liquid water to contact the sample. When the sample is placed on the film, the heat flux required for constant temperature of the test plate is measured at a certain water evaporation rate, and the moisture resistance of the sample is calculated with the vapor pressure of the sample. The wet resistance of the surface air layer of the test instrument is worth Ret by reducing the moisture resistance of the surface of the test instrument from the wet resistance of the test sample and the air layer.
          In a standard test environment, a fixed aluminum plate or copper plate is heated to keep the aluminum or copper plate at a fixed temperature and test the power of the heating. Similarly, the power of the same situation is tested on the top of the test cloth covered by the copper or aluminum sheets, depending on the power difference between the two and the size of the test disk area. The thermal resistance or wet resistance (water test) of the test sample can be calibrated.
          GB/T11048、ISO11092、ASTMF1868-09、BS8515、ASTMD1518-2014、JIS L1096-2010、ASTM F 1868-02
        1. The first independent design concept, the control system and the automatic water supply system integrated design, users can choose different environmental test cases.
        2. Automatic water supply, automatic drainage system, strong water feeding system (when the wet resistance test, heating plate permeable more quickly).
        3. Quickly reach the test stable state, the machine automatically adjusts the PID control parameters according to the thickness of the sample, and can quickly reach the test condition.
        4. The wind speed can be adjusted continuously from 0-1.2m/s, which can meet the test standard of any wet resistance heat resistance and heat preservation performance.
        5. The width of the thermal protection ring is 127mm, to ensure that the heat flow is only transmitted from the test sample.
        6. Wireless Wifi communication is used to connect with the computer to make the connection more convenient.
        7. The whole machine is thickened with aluminum alloy shell to ensure the service life of the machine for more than 20 years.
        8. Friendly and convenient testing software, testing software configuration of various test standards, convenient for users to use.