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        YG912E ultraviolet ray tester for textile

        Applicable scope
        Test principles and standards
        Instrument characteristics
        Configuration list
        A special instrument used to test the UV transmittance and anti ultraviolet properties of textiles can be used to directly test the UV protection coefficient UPF of textiles.
        GB/T 18830、AATCC 183、AS/NZS 4399、BS 7914、PREN 13758
        1. The light source uses the deuterium lamp, the optical path adopts the high-precision ultraviolet monochromator and the ultraviolet integral ball, and the automatic scanning of the wavelength is carried out by the step motor.
        2. Using ultraviolet photomultiplier, the test range is wide and the precision of the test is high.
        3. Full computer control, automatic data processing, a variety of graphics, report statistics, analysis, storage, output.