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        YG216-II fabric water vapor permeability tester

        Applicable scope
        Test principles and standards
        Instrument characteristics
        Configuration list
        It is used for moisture permeability test of various fabrics, membrane materials and coated fabrics.
        GB/T 12704、ASTME96、JISL1099、BS 7209
        1. Apply a variety of standards and measurement methods.
        2. Rotating sample placement frame, adjustable speed, the test is more uniform than the fixed sample frame.
        3. The wind speed can be adjusted, the imported wind speed sensor is used to calibrate the speed and the speed is accurate and stable.
        4. Temperature and humidity control using PID algorithm, small fluctuations, effective prevention of temperature and humidity overshoot. With temperature and humidity calibration function, it can avoid the sensor bias caused by long-term use.
        5. High precision temperature and humidity sensor, the test data is stable and the precision is high.
        6. MCU control, color touch screen operation, modular design, temperature and humidity digital setting, intelligent control, real-time display temperature and humidity and timing time.
        7. The parameters can be input on the color touch screen, and WVT, WVP and PV values are calculated.
        8. Eeach layer of individual small door switch is convenient for each layer to separate from each other to avoid mutual influence.
        9. The instrument is equipped with the upper computer software to record the temperature and humidity curve, which facilitates the calculation and printing of a large number of data reports.