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        YG631 perspirometer

        Applicable scope
        Test principles and standards
        Instrument characteristics
        Configuration list

        For all kinds of textile materials and textile color fastness to perspiration test and determination of all kinds of colored textiles coloring, perspiration, saliva, water resistance, resistance to yellowing and colour fastness to sea water performance.

        GB/T 3922、GB/T 5714、GB/T 5713、AATCC 15、AATCC 107、AATCC 106、ISO 105

        1. steel frame and steel hammer are made of 316L steel, which can endure acid, alkali and corrosion for a long time. Compared with the 202, 304 materials, the instrument has an unmatched long-term performance.
        2. steel hammer using 45+5N style combined heavy hammer can be meet the requirements for American Standard, European standard test conditions.