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        YG902-II perspiration test oven

        Applicable scope
        Test principles and standards
        Instrument characteristics
        Configuration list

        For all kinds of textile color fastness to perspiration test, and YG (B) supporting the use of type 631 perspiration color fastness.

        Perspiration: GB3922 AATCC15 ISO105
        Sea water resistance: GB5714 AATAA107 ISO105
        Water resistance: GB5713 AATCC106 ISO105

        1, The box with high quality cold rolled steel plate, surface electrostatic powder spraying, hard and firm coating, with a very strong anti rust ability.
        2, The studio is a high quality stainless steel plate with round angle modeling, smooth, smooth and easy to clean.
        3, Between the box and the workshop, it is filled with ultra-fine glass cotton insulation material, which has good insulation function, effectively ensuring the temperature stability and accuracy in the box and the impact on the use environment.
        4, There is a reasonable hot air circulation passageway in the box, so that the temperature distribution in the box is more uniform and the temperature rises faster. And the air outlet pipe is installed to discharge the air in the box. If the gas in the box is odor or poisonous, the air outlet pipe can be conveniently connected to the pipe to discharge the gas to the designated place.
        5, Temperature control is made by microcomputer intelligent digital technology. It has industrial PID self-tuning and four bit dual LED window indicating function. It has high temperature control accuracy, strong anti-interference ability, and operation is also very convenient.