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        YG201G textile formaldehyde tester

        Applicable scope
        Test principles and standards
        Instrument characteristics
        Configuration list

        Used for rapid determination of formaldehyde in textiles.

        GB/T 2912.1 textiles determination of formaldehyde - part 1: free and hydrolyzed

        1. Using the extraction method, the determination value of formaldehyde, absorbance value and transmittance of formaldehyde can be measured at the same time according to the national standard method.
        2, MCU control, automatic processing of spectral data, Chinese and English color touch screen display.
        3, Adopt the principle of electrochemical sensor and single-chip microcomputer technology to collect the absorbance value of continuous concentration of different points, and calculate the formula of the curve automatically according to the absorbance value corresponding to different concentration.
        4, Self aligning optical path design, according to demand, select wavelength. The instrument automatically set wavelength rotation, no artificial rotation, and has wide range of test wavelength to be selected.
        5, The host can make 8 sample standard curve functions. The curve calculation uses discrete computing method to directly display a and b value (standard curve y=a+bx), without manual calculation.
        6, With the computer online data transmission, the upper computer software realizes the standard curve drawing and the accuracy of the curve.
        7, The content of formaldehyde is automatically measured, and the content of four samples can be measured automatically at a time.
        8, It is equipped with a micro printer to print reports.