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        YG162D plush fiber strength tester

        Applicable scope
        Test principles and standards
        Instrument characteristics
        Configuration list
        Used for the test of flat beam fracture strength of wool, rabbit hair, cotton fiber, plant fiber and chemical fiber.
        GB/T 12411、ISO 3060、GB/T 6101、IWTO-32 etc. 
        1. AC servo drive, low noise drive system, imported high-speed ball screw drive, second generation ARM Cortex-M3 microprocessor LPC1766, high speed bottom noise 24 bit AD conversion chip ADS1271 (acceptance startup check).
        2. It has a test speed of 1 to 20000mm/min.
        3. The sampling frequency is more than 2000 times per second.
        4. With the weighing system, with the panel printer, the test results automatically calculate the output.
        5. Professional software analysis system, data analysis and processing, data and analysis results support a variety of format backup.
        6. The instrument and software analysis system connect communication through WiFi to realize wireless office, handheld tablet and computer dual test system.
        7. The software analysis system uses Sqlite light database, zero configuration operation, the computer resource occupancy rate is low, and the reaction speed is fast. The experiment data is optimized and stored, and the operation of data query, printing and processing is convenient and fast.
        8. The software analysis system supports online upgrading and service.