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        YG982X standard light box(7- light source)

        Applicable scope
        Test principles and standards
        Instrument characteristics
        Configuration list
        Used for visual evaluation of  color fastness, color matching, color difference and fluorescent material of textile, printing and dyeing, plastic and other industries to make the sample, production, quality inspection, acceptance carried out under the same standard light source, accurately check the color deviation of the goods to ensure thar the quality of the color of the product meets the ruquirements.
        AATCC  BS ISO FZ/T01047-1997 JIS

        1.The liquid crystal display, each light source can be timed separately; energy consumption bottom, no heat (no heat dissipation), high luminous efficiency, the light source is not divergent.
        2.The lamp according to the users needs to match the brand D65 light source, such as American Standard configuration imported GretagMacbeth lamp (Gerlinda McBeth), a European standard GB configuration of the original PHILIPS (PHILPS) light source, configuration of the original VeriVide British Standard (Wiliwa) (CAC60/CAC120) light source, or can also be equipped with other such as GE (Universal), SYLVANIA (Xi Wan brands such as light years)