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        FE28-Standard Mettler PH meter

        Applicable scope
        Test principles and standards
        Instrument characteristics
        Configuration list

        Used for the determination of acidity and alkalinity of textiles, such as fiber, yarn,fabric and garment.

        GB/T 7573, ISO 3071, AATCC 81

        1, The reasonable layout of the large size operation interface is clear, simple and intuitive buttons and menus make the measurement very simple.
        2, Five series instrument design compact, small size. After the use of the electrode support, it can be ingeniously absorbed in the space of the side of the instrument.
        3, FiveEasy Plus series instruments can enable data to be exported directly to the printer or PC through the RS232 or USB interface for further processing.
        4, The screen is clear at a glance, the concise and intuitive icon is well ordered, and all the information needed is displayed intuitively, such as measurement data, electrode status and calibration data.