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        MB822L zipper torsion tester

        Applicable scope
        Test principles and standards
        Instrument characteristics
        Configuration list
        Used for the testing of the torsional strength of various zipper pull pieces.
        QB/T2171、QB/T2172、QB/T2173、ASTM D2061-2007
        1. Torque measurement with high precision torque sensor and microcomputer measuring system with automatic tracking, torque measurement and peak hold function.
        2. Using high precision encoder angle test.
        3. Touch screen, human interface design is easy to operate.
        4. In the process of testing with testing time display, easy observation American Standard B method.
        5. Vertical test, offset zipper weight or loaded measurement error caused by the unbalance of clip.
        6. Two-way measuring the torsion effect, achieve arbitrary rotation angle.
        7. The printer interface, with computer interface, online communication, online operation software.
        8. The machine adopts metal paint, beautiful and generous.
        9. Floor adopts imported special aluminum material, easy to clean.
        10. The instrument includes English interface, convenient to study foreign clients.