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        YG824L zipper reciprocating fatigue test machine

        Applicable scope
        Test principles and standards
        Instrument characteristics
        Configuration list
        This machine is used to test whether zip fastener can bear reciprocating operation with specified number of times under the action of transverse and longitudinal tension, during the test, the machine drives the zipper head with constant speed for 30 times per minute to specified times.
        CNS-1083、QB/T 2171
        1. The instrument is displayed in Chinese by liquid crystal. The interface is simple and easy to understand. It is easy to operate and is equipped with metal buttons.
        2. The instrument has a left and right tripping test to detect the damage of the zipper and stop the experiment automatically.
        3. Users can set the working mode according to their needs. The instrument has many options: counting mode: counting times, counting time, counting mode: counting and counting.
        4. The instrument can be loaded with weights or spring scales according to the needs of the user.
        5. The sliding component of the instrument adopts a light rod and a straight line bearing, and the drive adopts the debugging speed device and the AC motor to make the whole machine run smoothly and the noise is low.