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        YG826L-60 salt spray testing machine

        Applicable scope
        Test principles and standards
        Instrument characteristics
        Configuration list
        Used for the surface treatment of various materials, including coating, electroplating, inorganic and surface film, corrosion process of anodizing, rust proof oil, after that, testing the corrosion resistance of the products.
        1. With automatic / manual water feeding system, the water level function can be automatically supplemented when the water level is insufficient, and the test is not interrupted.
        2 .The temperature controller uses the digital display, the PID control error is 0.1.
        3. Double overtemperature protection, insufficient water level warning to ensure the use of safety.
        4. The test room adopts the direct heating method of steam, the heating speed is fast and uniform, and the standby time is reduced.
        5. The precision glass nozzle can adjust the fog and fog. The conical disperser of the spray tower spreads evenly, and naturally falls on the test card and ensures that the non crystalline salt is blocked.
        6. The saturated air bucket uses Henrys law to heat and humidification, and provides the humidity required for the test room (the humidity of the test box can be automatically adjusted).