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        MB818 down puffy meter

        Applicable scope
        Test principles and standards
        Instrument characteristics
        Configuration list

        It is used to measure the fluffy degree of feather and down products and filling materials, and meet the test standards of GB, DN and JIS.

        IDFB Part 10-B、GB/T14272-2011、FZ/T80001、ASTM、CEN、DIN、BS and so on

        1, The use of color touch screen display, human-computer dialogue, easy to operate.
        2, The unique filter ventilation design, cashmere and cashmere position automatic switch to ensure that the feathers will not fly, to prevent the health of the operators.
        3, The speed of the test can be set, suitable for different standards, the transmission structure adopts the servo motor system, so that the high precision of the fluffiness.
        4, The original zero position system ensures the correctness of the data.
        5, Using high-precision sensor, ARM32 bit microprocessor, AD 16 bit A/D acquisition level, accurately detect the location of the pressure plate, accurately calculate the test results, which can be applied to multiple standards.
        6, The automatic wind speed design system ensures that the feathers are in a natural fluffy state, making the data of each measurement better authenticity and reproducibility.
        7, The test process is completed one key, no manual replacement of the test barrel has been taken time and other work.
        8, Full automatic test, do not need to replace the test bucket manually.