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        MB-4 horizontal vibration tester

        Applicable scope
        Test principles and standards
        Instrument characteristics
        Configuration list

        Used for extraction of down solution.

        GB/T 14272-2011 Down solution

        1, Eight section of the program, each program can set different speed and time to realize the speed and the programming operation of the appointment time.  
        2, Automatic operation, automatic stop, timing operation, clock display, caller recovery, parameter memory.  
        3, Monitoring timers, independent overspeed sound / light alarm, independent leakage, over electric protection devices do not affect other equipment.  
        4, PID micro processing control / monitoring system provides simple key operation, and it is easy to program the time and speed.  
        5, Domestic original single axis drive mechanism, mute operation, durable.  
        6, The most advanced finishing technology in China ensures the stability and reliability of the mechanical operation.  
        7, The key parts of the core are expensive chromium alloy materials, high quality cast iron and imported bearings.  
        8, Automatically memorize the speed of the last set, and slowly speed up to the speed of the last run after the start of the machine.  
        9, The unique slow start line prevents the sudden start and spatter, effectively ensuring the safety of the reagents.  
        10, Special electric motor overheating, temperature out of control automatic power cut protection device.  
        11. A unique high precision frequency control system with a frequency accuracy of + 1rpm.  
        12, The most advanced torque motor, maintenance free, ensure continuous work.  
        13, The electrostatic color spray plastic box body is beautiful and antirust, and the aesthetic design concept is rich.