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        MB3311 box and bag pull rod reciprocating test machine

        Applicable scope
        Test principles and standards
        Instrument characteristics
        Configuration list
        Under certain extraction pressure frequency, continuous switch is carried out through pulling and locking rods and pull rods of luggage, pulling out and pressing together, checking the reciprocating fatigue performance of drawbar, the structural fastness and the durability of switches.
        QB/T 2919-2007
        1. Using touch screen operation and display, the control of the instrument is succinct.
        2. The AC servo motor is driven, the test speed is stable and accurate, and the speed control is realized. The test results are more accurate.
        3. Using the linear guide, synchronous belt and synchronous wheel drive, the operation noise is small, the speed is uniform and the speed is constant, and the influence of the speed is reduced to the result of the sample.
        4. Each pull in one time, the pull rod button also simulates a compression, accurate simulation of the use of the way.
        5. The instrument has the function of automatically saving the data of the power failure test.