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        MB712-III eyeglass intelligent detector

        Applicable scope
        Test principles and standards
        Instrument characteristics
        Configuration list
        It is designed to transmit scanning spectrum to the photoelectric sensor through UV light source and filter for testing. Sunglasses, yellow index and blue light etc. can be tested.

        GB 10810.3-2006、QB 2457-1999、QB 2506-2001、QB 2659-2004、GB 14148、ANSI-Z80.3 、EN 1836-2005、 JIST 7333 and ISO 8980.3

        1, 280nm-780nm full band scanning measurement method;
        2, Special test software can realize automatic measurement, calculation and drawing the transmittance function curve and print the map and other data; it can give the transmittance curve, chromaticity diagram and relative visual attenuation factor Q, all the data can be saved to the computer, so that the day after the implementation of the query; high precision measurement and high yield photometric lens lenses of various;
        3, The CIE color limit coordinates can be displayed and the data can be displayed.