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        MB-7697 flame retardancy tester for safety helmet

        Applicable scope
        Test principles and standards
        Instrument characteristics
        Configuration list
        It is used to test the flame retardancy of the helmet.
        Experimental methods:
        The test should be carried out in a hood, the safety helmet temperature impact test in accordance with the normal wear direction of the clamp on the bracket, the side shell alignment of flame spray head, adjust the flame spray head axis axis passing through the cap shell and the shell in the upper edge of 50mm + 1mm, to avoid the opening of stomata; adjust the position of the support, end distance makes the test area safety helmet with flame spray head is 45mm + 1mm, and then removed; open the gas valve, adjust the flame length is 50mm + 2mm, blue flame guarantee at least 15mm will be moved to the front bracket; determine the location of the flame of the helmet shell 10s cut off the gas supply. The continuous ignition time and possible penetration are recorded, accurate to 0.1s.

        Conform to the standard:
        GB/T 28122006 "helmet" test method in the flame retardant safety helmet testing standard.
        GB/T 28112007
        1. Electronic ignition.
        2. Automatic timing positioning of the burner.
        3. The ignition time of 0-99.9 seconds set, continued burning time, smoldering time is automatically recorded, digital display.
        4. The flame height can be adjusted, the flame height measuring height can be measured to assist the fixed flame height, and the flame temperature measurement device is configured.
        5. "Push and pull" frame fixed device, "positioning wire" and "guide" auxiliary positioning.
        6. With high sensitivity to combustible gas leakage alarm device, such as the discovery of combustible gas alarm and automatic cut-off.