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        MB0510 mechanical performance testing machine for combined furniture

        Applicable scope
        Test principles and standards
        Instrument characteristics
        Configuration list

        The test machine is designed on the basis of GB/T10357.1 - GB/T10357.7 and QB/T2280 related furniture test standards, is a comprehensive testing system of office furniture and indoor furniture including, according to the position and angle to adjust the frame, cylinder, according to the test to select the appropriate power to test various tests using the adjustable frame mounted cylinder and the number, select the appropriate power to test various tests using the adjustable frame and to complete the installation of cylinder. It satisfies the test of strength and durability of various furniture such as cabinets, tables, beds, chairs and so on. In terms of cabinet, drawer, door and other tests, the testing requirements are very strict, and speed control is required. At present, a relatively simple cylinder loading method is still used in China, but it can not meet the requirements of testing. And it is good to meet the entire test requirements. Applicable customers: furniture laboratory, product quality certification body.

        1, QB/T2280-2007
        2, GB/Tl0357.1 "test of mechanical properties of furniture strength and durability of tables"
        3, GB/Tl0357.2 "test of mechanical properties of furniture stability of chairs and stools"
        4, GB/Tl0357.3 "test of mechanical properties of furniture strength and durability of chairs and stools"
        5, GB/Tl0357.4 "test of mechanical properties of furniture cabinet stability"
        6, GB/Tl0357.5 "test of mechanical properties of furniture - strength and durability of cabinet"
        7, GB/Tl0357.6 "test of mechanical properties of furniture single bed strength and durability"
        8, GB/Tl0357.7 "test of mechanical properties of furniture table stability"

        1, Control system can meet the needs of 12 cylinders simultaneously, each cylinder can respectively work or group work, the cylinder for group work, the operating system can operate and control the loading time sequence of each cylinder is convenient, the loading time, holding time, waiting time can be set by computer.
        2, The automatic sensing parts, such as the electromagnetic valve, the double coupling of filter oil filter water, the position sensor and so on, have no damage, and the test is stopped automatically. Test times: 0---999999 can be set arbitrarily to automatically stop after setting the number of times. Stop or power break will automatically keep the test results.
        3, Computer + load element forming force closed loop control. Computer control is used to set up working procedure directly on the computer, that is to set test requirements directly on the computer, such as force value, displacement, etc., without adjusting the cylinder pressure or the limit sensor on the cylinder, and it is automatically operated by the computer control device. The 12 control channels can be controlled by the force value, and 4 channels can not only use the force value control, but also use the displacement control.
        4, Computer integrated control, can set test power, test times, and can direct real-time display test force, test times, and automatically alarm a variety of faults.
        5, When the test specimen is damaged, the test results are automatically stopped and the test results can be retained; the test report can be edited after the experiment.
        6, The cylinder on the beam or column can be moved horizontally and vertically, the fixed device can adjust the angle, fixed way can choose any force angle, i.e. the cylinder can be rotated 360 degrees and positioned in the vertical direction of the frame, rotates without disassembling the cylinder fixed.
        7, Can basically realize the unmanned tube test, test completion or test piece damage will automatically stop the test, and automatically retain the test results.
        8, The test system has the ability of automatic correction. When the standard weight is used to correct the force value, if the deviation system is automatically corrected. At the same time, the correction coefficient and the force value of the same machine can be stored, and the historical correction data can be invoked to facilitate the operation.
        9, The software can control 6 channels, each channel operated by reference synchronization time, which can guarantee the synchronization of the action and the requirements of data processing; channel grouping different to control, if the sample has a channel has been destroyed, will stop at the same time through the associated with the group, other channels can continue work.
        10, No less than 12 stop buttons, in emergency conditions in each position of the equipment can be convenient to stop the work of the equipment.