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        MB0511 cabinet table bed comprehensive tester

        Applicable scope
        Test principles and standards
        Instrument characteristics
        Configuration list
        GB/T 10357.1, GB/T 10357.4, GB/T 10357.5, GB/T 10357.6, GB/T 10357.7

        1, The comprehensive tester for cabinet and table and bed is an experiment to simulate the strength or endurance of furniture when it is subjected to one time or repeated load under normal usage and habit misuse. The table bed comprehensive tester is suitable for testing the mechanical properties of table, cabinet, and bed furniture.
        2, Can carry on the horizontal direction static load and the horizontal direction durability tester. The table bed comprehensive tester uses four cylinders in the horizontal direction to repeat the cyclic loading of the specified force values on the four sides of the sample. After a certain number of times, check whether the structure and function of the sample are damaged or not, so as to understand the performance and defects of the product.
        3, Using frame structure design, high quality industrial aluminum profile making frame, beautiful and generous. The frame adjustment part adopts the pulley structure design, which can easily and easily adjust the loading position to adapt to the sample of different specifications, the positioning handle is convenient to locate, and the working efficiency is improved.
        4, The bottom fixed block can be adjusted at random to adapt to the sample of different specifications.
        5, The cabinet table bed comprehensive test instrument used the PLC controller to the action of instrument control, convenient operation force value is adjusted by the precise pressure regulating valve to adjust pressure to change the load value, with high precision force sensor instant induction force value, each load group were individually adjusted to control the loading force, stable and reliable.
        6, The loading pad is detachable. It is convenient to replace different loading pads to meet different testing requirements.