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        MB0512 pressure tester for office chair feet

        Applicable scope
        Test principles and standards
        Instrument characteristics
        Configuration list
        ANSI BIFMA  X5.1 etc.

        1, Special seat for office chair Ipomoea tests. Based on the vertical jet pressure test Ipomoea cairica pressure situation.
        2, Through the computer control motor as a power source, drive the precision wire rod dragging the beam to apply pressure.
        3, Test Objective: To evaluate the pressure strength of the office chair foot, to control the quality of the product, to find out the position of the defect, and to provide reference for the improvement.
        4, Test program: slowly load to 11120 Newton, hold 1 minutes, unload; then slowly load to 11120 Newton, keep 1 minutes, record the test process. Results evaluation: - servo motor control, can maintain the constant pressure of the chair foot in the plastic deformation state.
        5, The breakpoint automatically stops all computer automation, the customer can write the test program by itself; the computer automatically generates power time force displacement curve.
        6, The main controller adopts the most advanced 32 bit ARM processor in twenty-first Century, and the processing speed reaches the level of Pentium general purpose computer. Compared with the traditional 8 bit MCU, the overall performance of the measurement and control system is greatly improved, the operation speed is faster and the control accuracy is higher.
        7, Data acquisition core device adopts the latest ultra high precision 24 bit AD in the US, and the sampling rate can reach 2000 times / sec, which can capture the instant change process of power, and the whole time resolution is 500000. And the original 6 point calibration technology is used to further improve the precision, and the strength measurement accuracy is far higher than the national level 0.5 (the most advanced) standard.
        8, Windows standard style, hierarchical operation mode plus detailed help documents and hints make it the easiest and easiest software to use in the test machine industry. Your debugging and software training efficiency will be significantly improved.
        9, Multithreading and parallel processing technology is applied. During the testing process, the strength displacement, force time, displacement time and stress-strain curves can be displayed in real time, and can be switched to the desired curve screen freely, and user settings can be viewed. The cabinet type protection structure is absolutely safe. Five star claw damage automatic stop function, set fixed pressure and time function test way.