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        MB0516 mattress surface durability comprehensive tester

        Applicable scope
        Test principles and standards
        Instrument characteristics
        Configuration list

        1, The latest national standard design for this tester is suitable for the full endurance test and related measurement of the spring mattress.
        2, The mattress surface area of the center for sleep and a certain weight of the roller rolling test, simulation of the sleep process affect the body of the mattress caused by rolling load, durability test of mattress edge to define loading pad and a specified shape simulation using the force value, sit on the edge of the mattress, affect the buttocks the loading on the mattress caused. After loading a certain number of times, compare the height of the pad surface, the height of the side, the hardness and the damage of the mattress before and after the test, so as to evaluate the quality of the mattress.
        Test project:
        Including the following test and measurement project:
        1. surface durability test
        2. side durability test
        3. mattress height measurement
        4. hardness measurement

        QB/T 1952.2-2011

        1, The design is novel, highly integrated and advanced in control.
        2, A test and measurement project that will be completed before three machines can be completed with one instrument, and through the advanced control system and the optimization structure
        It makes it more reliable to run, and the test data is more accurate.
        3, The main frame is made of high strength industrial aluminum profiles and the sheet metal parts treated with advanced electrostatic powder spray painting process. The appearance of the atmosphere is beautiful and the sense of science and technology is felt.
        Its full.
        4, The built-in specimen provides a safer test process to prevent the machine from injure.
        5, Multi point distribution of emergency brake switch, no matter which location of the operator, the emergency can be convenient to stop.