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        MB0518 wood electronic universal testing machine

        Applicable scope
        Test principles and standards
        Instrument characteristics
        Configuration list

        1, Artificial plate can meet the "universal testing of physical and chemical testing machine: performance for plane tensile strength in a variety of man-made plank GB-T17657-1999 plywood, static bending strength and elastic modulus, screw holding force, internal bond strength and adhesive strength and shear test of wood-based panels, the random test attached with 1 sets of a total of 6.
        2, Using the new version of the Chinese menu control, the special data processing software, the human-computer dialogue is intuitive and convenient.
        3, The real time display of the properties of the elastic modulus and parameters of the material.
        4, Automatically obtain the maximum test force, static bending strength, elastic modulus, surface bonding strength, internal bonding strength, surface adhesion strength, tensile strength and other mechanical properties test results.
        5, The limit position of the displacement can be set up, and when the limit is run to the limit, the shutdown will be protected.
        6, With automatic zero, auto return function.
        7, No pole speed regulation in the range of test speed 0.01~500mm/min.
        8, A number of sensors can be calibrated to meet the different load materials and achieve a multi - use machine.

        GB-T 17657-1999