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        Standard friction cloth

        Applicable scope
        Test principles and standards
        Instrument characteristics
        Configuration list

        AATCC standard white cotton cloth is used for dry and wet friction decolorization test machine, and the color fastness grade of the sample is evaluated with the AATCC gray standard.

        AATCC 8,61;ISO 105;ASTM-D2054;JIS-L0801,0823/0849,1006,1084,K6328,P8136

        Product Name: AATCC standard friction cloth
        The United States imports, also known as small white cloth, friction white cloth, color fastness with small white cloth. With friction color fastness testing machine (instrument) used in standard dry / wet condition by setting a certain number of friction with the AATCC standard and &AATCC standard color card faded gray gray card &AATCC standard nine card (part of the standard rules on the use of ISO gray card) rating (color) and stained with the color color grade, so as to assess its ability in simulating the pattern exposure to other substances when the color of the firm. This standard friction cloth in the Japanese standard (JIS), are widely used American Standard, oubiao and Chinese in national standard.
        Packing: single size 5 x 5cm, 5 small boxes / boxes, 1000 pieces / boxes.